Tripod grip explained in pictures
The way you hold your writing implement can have a big effect on your early writing

The tripod grip is something a child may naturally start to do around 3 to 4 years of age. Its the classic grip for a pencil and is also useful when learning to fasten buttons.

photo of a child drawing using a tripod grip
An example of the tripod grip

child writing on a worksheet
A clasped grip - not a tripod grip

child holding a pencil
Not a tripod grip - the middle finger is not tucked behind the pencil
parent helping child to hold pencil correctly
Its ok to help to get the fingers right
parent helping child to hold pencil correctly
A tripod grip in early mark making
child holding blue pencil correctly tripod grip
Tripod grips in early mark making can often appear and then are dropped by the child whilst they experiment
adult hand holding pencil in a tripod grip
Tripod grip demonstrated by teacher
adult hand holding pencil in a tripod gripp
Tripod grip - note the middle finger tucked behind pencil

The tripod grip can help to make early writing much more steady and those early steps much more comfortable for the childrens hands.

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