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To help create a story

Aids to help you tell a descriptive captivating story or to help your child light up their imagination and create their own wonderful stories.

Magical Story Jars

Helps us fire imagination

Why we like them: A practical of jar of beautiful prompt cards that help us (and our children) conjure wonderful stories. Comes with a sprinking of magic dust. Brilliant

Rory's Story Cubes Game

Roll the dice

Why we like them: With 9 etched 'dice' and 6 sides to each, there are a lot of combinations that can help guide you along a story route. It comes in a small box thats easy to carry around and has a satisfying magnetic close.

Write Your Own Storybook

A book for writers

Why we like it: This spiral bound book gives oodles of techniques and tips to grow a story. It is filled with lovely illustrations and questions that prompt the imagination.

Mrs Wordsmith Storyteller’s Card Game

Versatile cards

Why we like them: The card game as it is desgined to be played is great. The illustrations are top class. But in addition you can also use the cards to ignite ideas for stories too.

Story Box: Create Your Own Animal Adventures

Horizontal pieces of story

Why we like them: Like a one line jigsaw you can pop the pieces together. It's something tactile and can help layout story order. There is a fariy tale version too!

Pens that teachers use

Useful ones - yes, practical ones - yes, but sometimes ones that are just fun and funky.

Highlighters (Pastel)

Light up your life

Why we like them: The highlighters are lovely pastel colours. Not as harsh as the neon ones. It leaves work readable and highlights in more subtle way.

Whiteboard pens

Permanent is perma-no

Why we like them: Quality pens are the pens that leave your whiteboard pristine when cleaning. We find these do really well and this pack has an extremely useful yellow.

Multi Pens

One pen to rule them all

Why we like them: Having 4 colours in the one pen is useful for marking and comments. Saves time having to swap between pens. Also a bigger pen seems harder for us to lose.

Handwriting pen

Great workhorse

Why we like them: Tripod grip shaped. Easy flowing ink. Quick drying - less smudging.

Left handed mechanical pencil

Helpful to left handed people

Why we like them: Tripod grip shaped for left handed hold. Chunkier than a pencil but with all the practical elements of a pencil - including a sharpener.

To help count

Numbers are great, we all know that. Sometimes it helps to see numbers in a different way.


Not just for lining up and falling down

Why we like them: These guys have been making dominoes for hundreds of years. Their dominoes have a little bump in the centre which stops them get scraped around too much when shuffled. Use the dots in games to help with maths and counting.


Bunch em up and count em out

Why we like them: We've thought about straws, weighing up the longevity of plastic versus paper. We have gone for paper to normalise the look and feel of a biodegradable straw. We use them for counting. Making bundles of 10 easier to see. But if we do use them for drinks we can also be doing our bit for the planet.

Snap Cubes

Build your maths skills

Why we like them: They are a colourful and tactile way to help with starting to learn numbers. They clip together, break apart and help visualise counting.


Help to visualise numbers

Why we like them: Colourful and a good visual aid. Great for problem solving and early number skills

Wooden Abacus

Help to visualise numbers

Why we like it: Colourful and a good visual aid. Great for problem solving and early number skills

That's attractive - useful magnets

The original non-sticky sticky stuff that sticks without being sticky, strictly speaking.

Magna Tiles

Magnets in 3D

Why we like them: The practical shapes that form many everyday objects. Learn shapes, improve spacial awareness and build towers. What's not to like.

Magnetic A4 Whiteboard

Write on, Wipe off

Why we like it: Handy home size whiteboard, versatile and fun. A4 size so the size of a sheet of paper. Magnetic front to stick magnetic letters on.

Magnetic letters

Fridges, whiteboards

Why we like them: These are lower case letters with a single storey a (the round comic sans type a's). You know exactly the letters you are getting with plently of vowels.

Wooden Animal Magnets

Animal magnetism

Why we like them: Wooden animal shapes with stickers. Magnet is the whole of the back of the animal, not just a dot. Sticks to white boards well.


Why dont you build me up

Why we like them: Tough, sturdy - build towers as well as your imagination. Sticks and balls are the DNA of lots of great creations.

Things from the classroom

These are often found in classrooms and are well used everyday. So they need to be hardwearing and sturdy.


Using stamps to leave an impression

Why we like them: There a wide array of stamps, messages and characters to help in your marking. Use them at home to show you think their work is great. This stamp features a dinosaur and who doesn't like dinosaurs?

Map of the world

Your oyster, your world

Why we like it: This colourful map shows the countries of the world as well as some fabulous drawings of animals and plants from the wonderful planet we live on.

Paper rolls

Please do write on the wallpaper

Why we like it: Like lining paper for wallpapering this is tough and takes a lot of paint before it gets soggy. Cut your paper to any size you want to draw. No more sticking A4 sheets together, you can just roll with it.

Large whiteboard

Home version of a school whiteboard

Why we like it: A large magnetic whiteboard. This one is hung and not screwed in a the corners so a little more practical to recreate a school environment at home.

Acetate Sheets

Stained glass window time

Why we like them: The assorted colours mix has useful blue and green for your landscapes. They are easy to cut but not too flimsy.

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