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wordpip: parent and teacher learning resources and games
games and puzzles to help improve literacy and numeracy
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articles/ 8 pages
Helping colour blind children and teachers
Playing to learn - Child led play
10 tips for better teaching
Tripod grip explained in pictures
7 ways to improve your child's early writing
Having fun with numbers at mealtimes
Tips for left handed children beginning to write
The School Years - What are the year names
downloads/ 15 pages
letter s worksheet 1
letter a worksheet 1
letter t worksheet 1
letter p worksheet 1
letter i worksheet 1
letter n worksheet 1
Exploring Everyday Materials higher ability
Exploring Everyday Materials developing ability
Exploring Everyday Materials developing ability 2
Exploring Everyday Materials starter ability
2 Times table poster A4 - Beach scene
2 Times table worksheet A5 - Beach scene
3 Times table poster A4 - Night scene
3 Times table worksheet A5 - Night scene
4 Times table poster A4 - Mountain scene
games/ 6 pages
letter pairs game using the letters s a t p i n
Number Pairs 1 to 6 game
matching shapes and names game
letter pairs game using the letters m d g o c k
Matching shape to shape game
Number Pairs 5 to 10 game