The School Years

What Are the Year Names and What Age Groups Are in Them?

Want to know the names of the years of children's schooling?
How do you know what first grade is?
What class year is "Reception"?
What are the years names?

High school years names and American school year names such as freshman, sophomore, junior senior ages are not the same across every school system.

The naming convention of school years across countries can be confusing.
The second year of school is called Year 1 in England. In Scotland its P2 and the US its Kindergarten.

If you are looking for information or resources to help your child in school then here is a guide to what the age ranges are and what the year name is.

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The grid shows examples of different countries and the names they give to their year groups.

Table 1: The different levels of education systems
The flag of the USA The flag of England The flag of Scotland The flag of Australia The flag of the People's Republic of China The flag of India
Age USA England Scotland Australia China India
4-5 PreSchool Reception P1 Kindergarten No school LKG
5-6 Kindergarten Year 1 P2 Kindergarten/Prep No school UKG
6-7 1st Grade Year 2 P3 Year 1 Year 1 Class 1
7-8 2nd Grade Year 3 P4 Year 2 Year 2 Class 2
8-9 3rd Grade Year 4 P5 Year 3 Year 3 Class 3
9-10 4th Grade Year 5 P6 Year 4 Year 4 Class 4
10-11 5th Grade Year 6 P7 Year 5 Year 5 Class 5
11-12 6th Grade Year 7 S1 Year 6 Year 6 Class 6
12-13 7th Grade Year 8 S2 Year 7 Year 7 Class 7
13-14 8th Grade Year 9 S3 Year 8 Year 8 Class 8
14-15 9th Grade Freshman Year 10 S4 Year 9 Year 9 Class 9
15-16 10th Grade Sophomore Year 11 S5 Year 10 Year 10 Class 10
16-17 11th Grade Junior Lower Sixth S6 Year 11 Year 11 Class 11
17-18 12th Grade Senior Upper Sixth Higher Ed Year 12 Year 12 Class 12

Do you wish to to know the school year names in a location we haven't covered? Let us know and we will investigate.

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