Letter a - Worksheet 4

Fill the squares in the grid that contain the letter a.
Find the balloons printed with the letter a backwards.
Trace over the letter a.

Worksheet pdf for preschool, kindergarten, reception, early elementary, and primary schoolchildren.

Printable exercises for the letter a - download it for free.

Grammarly Writing Support
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About This Worksheet

The letter a features in this A4-sized worksheet.
Easy to print out as US letter size.

This worksheet is designed to help children become more familiar with the letter a.
Find and fill in the squares containing letter a.
Cross through the balloons with a backwards letter a (tricky!)
Trace each letter a in the final box
3 exercises to aid in the development of early reading and writing skills.

To save on color ink, this is a black and white worksheet.
This is a free printable pdf.
It is intended to aid early writing and familiarization with the letter a.


Can you spot the apples hidden in the worksheet?

Age range 4+

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A matching game
using the letters
s,a,t,p,i and n

Why satpin?.
This useful combination of letters,
is taught in early phonics,
as they produce many cvc words
(cvc is consonant vowel consonant)
such as sat, pin, pat, tin, tap.

Play an online 'match the letters game'
including the letter a.
Free to play using major browsers.

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