7 Ways to Improve Your Child's Early Writing

And Have Fun Along the Way

coloured pencils arranged in a star shape, points touching

There are many fun and exciting ways to improve your child's early stages of writing. Enthusiasm and praise go along way to encourage further eagerness to try, learn and experiment with early writing. Here are some methods that may provide a spark to kindle those beginning steps;

  1. Don't forget the fun
  2. Making writing enjoyable is one of the best ways to improve your child's skills.

  3. Use different media
  4. Try using many different writing implements. Including unusual ways of creating letter shapes help to build the initial excitement of writing. Experiment with chalk and chalkboard, mark-making with ink and homemade quills. Why not try mark making in sand or even shaving foam!

  5. Talk about writing
  6. Use writing to start conversations and include writing and words in your daily routine. Help to write a shopping list or a greeting card.

  7. Read every day
  8. It has often been said that reading every day is good for language skills but it's also good for writing too.

  9. Lead by example
  10. Let your child see you writing, how you do it, demonstrate the importance it has for you in your daily life

  11. Air writing
  12. Write letters in the air and use big sweeping movements. Think about the view of the letter, is your child facing you? How does it look to them?

  13. Letter shapes
  14. Cut out some letter shapes, colour them, stick them together, throw them up in the air and see what words are made. Invest in some fridge magnet letters or bath letters.

Using a combination of these ways will help to familiarise your child with letters, writing and how important it is in daily life. Have fun with letters and words. See how many you can spot in your daily routine.
Making learning to write pleasurable will pay off when your child discovers how powerful words are.

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