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Try one of our trickiest games by clicking the planets below.
The game is designed for age 7+, how fast can you complete it?

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thumbnail image of castle addtions worksheet 2

Castle Additions 2
More Castles!

thumbnail image of a raisin box challenge worksheet

Raisin box challenge
Fill your raisin box

thumbnail image of a 5 times table quiz

Times table quizzes
Generate 5 times tables

thumbnail image of an alphabet trail

Alphabet trail
An alphabet trail

thumbnail image of 6 times table poster

Times table posters
A 6 times table poster

thumbnail image of a castle additions worksheet

Castle worksheet

thumbnail image of an letter a worksheet 2

More letter practice
Letter a Worksheet 2

photo showing girl holding 2 times table sheet

Why Times Tables are So Important

Three threes are nine - is that fine?

They are the building blocks to furthermore complex mathematics.
Children who struggle with them in primary school are likely to fall behind when they begin secondary school.

Read more about times tables

photo showing happy children at their desks in a classroom

The School Years

What Are The Year Names and What Age Groups are in Them?

Want to know the names of the years of childrens schooling?
How do you know what first grade is?
What is reception?

read more about the names of school years

a child writing at a desk

Tripod Grip Explained in Pictures

Photos that Show Just What This Is

The way you hold your writing implement can have a big effect on your early writing

read more about the tripod grip

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