Letter q - Worksheet 1

A letter q worksheet pdf for preschool, kindergarten, reception, early elementary and primary ages.

Printable practice for writing and tracing the lowercase letter q.

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About This Worksheet

This is an A4 size worksheet for the letter q
with the sound qu.

Designed to aid children in learning to read
by helping them to recognise the letter sounds
with the aim to eventually blend lots of them together to make words.
This will aid in the early development of reading and writing.

This simple worksheet can help reinforce verbal lessons that have been taught previously.
One example of a verbal lesson is playing 'I spy' with the letter q.

This worksheet has three sections
- Colour the letter q
- Trace around the letter q
- Find the objects that begin with the letter q

This worksheet has a drawing of a queen, quarter note, quilt, igloo,
duck, and quarter coin.
It is black and white to save on coloured ink.
It's a free printable download.
I t is good for printing out and colouring in too.
It will help familiarise the letter q and how to write it.

This worksheet has words that start with the letter q
but they also start with 'qu'.

'Qu' is a digraph,
it's a single sound represented by two letters.
In this worksheet the digraph makes a sound like 'kw'.

Age range 4-5

There is a version with the word 'colour' replaced
with the American spelling of 'color'.

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