photo showing girl holding 2 times table sheet

Why Times Tables are So Important

Three threes are nine - is that fine?

They are the building blocks to furthermore complex mathematics.
Children who struggle with them in primary school are likely to fall behind when they begin secondary school.

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Two children eating a meal at a table

Having Fun with Numbers at Mealtimes

Linking numeracy to everyday life

With these food filled ideas you can build the numeracy confidence of your child and have your cake.. and eat it

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photo showing happy children at their desks in a classroom

The School Years

What are the year names and what age groups are in them?

Want to know the names of the years of childrens schooling?
How do you know what first grade is?
What is reception?

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child wiring at a desk with his left hand

Tips for left handed children beginning to write

Practical solutions to potential problems

In a world primarily designed for right handers, learning to write left handed adds a few extra challenges

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an old used blackboard with formluae written across it

10 tips for better teaching

At home, school or work - try these useful tips

You can help unlock potential and start a journey of discovery

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a child writing at a desk

Tripod grip explained in pictures

Photos that show just what this is

The way you hold your writing implement can have a big effect on your early writing

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a mealtime with colurful food

7 ways to improve your child's early writing

And have fun along the way

Practical examples to get your child up and running with letters and sounds

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graphic showing a grey male figure amongst lots of green male figure

Helping colour-blind children ...and teachers!

Small considerations can make a difference

There are things you can do to help

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child playing catch with bubblesin the park

Playing to learn - child led play

Is it ok to just let go?

Sometimes stepping back can lead to a big step forward

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